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Visual Studio Uninstaller Tool

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If you're developing for windows with Visual Studio then you might known about the condition of your PC after uninstalling it.It leaves about 180+(As per my count) reg entries on system if you uninstall it manually.I'm not saying that this happens with 2008 express alone it happens with all previous editions including express or professional edition.Even VB 6 is more buggy than 2003+ later editions.

If you're Pro-visual studio user & MS fan you might think i'm talking lame.Then please let me know if uninstalling VS is not leaving remainants on system & it's not indirectly forcing users to do clean install them.

No matter how many precautions you take or follow official MSDN approach of uninstalling Visual Studio it makes your system unusable.Many of the official uninstaller don't work correctly.Even if you follow the official approach to uninstall the Visual studio components,the remainants persist.You can't have clean system after uninstalling visual studio.

As per official way of removing Visual Studio:
Microsoft supplied miszap.exe which uninstalles the registry entry and some other installation files,But miszap.exe is available with windows .net SDK which is about 300MB (So no chance for Offliners,Slow internet connection users)
miszap.exe is not allowed to distribute other than SDK so there is very little chance of getting it.

Uninstaller tool (Found on MS-Visual express installer install instruction)provided to uninstall previous versions of Visual Studio is also not worthy to run, cause it s just 400 KB and and is not searching registry or /windows/system32 or respective folder for remainants.

So what we need is miracle?
Yes atleast from microsoft or from some group like sysinternals.The silly & idiot MS needs to understand copying OS & programming Language features from others doesn't make it better,it's just path & run philosophy.If they can build a better & secure OS (As per their Sales quotes)and so why don't they just build a proper uninstaller for Visual studio?  :mad:

They need to learn some lessons from Borland,Adobe,Corel & other comapnies which develop applications for windows & have better uninstallers that atlesat work 98%.

Is this how the developers are being treated from Microsoft.Then they shouldn't cry if the developers are moving to apple & linux cause many small things in MS are breaking up & VS uninstaller is the first one which is noticed since so many years. >:(

it makes your system unusable
--- End quote ---

What do you mean?

Humm, I dunno about the stuff it leaves behind, and frankly I don't care that much - sure, one should strive for not leaving crap behind, but even 256 keys of 256 bytes would only be 64kb of data. And if we triple that (mega overkill) to take account for unicode and data structure overhead, we're still below 256kb. Considering that the registry uses binary search to look up keys, this is inconsequential.

I'd like to know what you mean about it makes your system unusable as well, I've installed and uninstalled and reinstalled and installed newer versions of VS from VS6, VS2002, VS2003, VS2005, VS2008, including processor packs, service packs, and whatnot. And I haven't had any problems.

I also installed/deinstalled/reinstalled & upgraded from VS2002/2003/.Net/2005 & next month 2008 and had no remarkable problems with lost freemem/libs or anything else ... to delete some old regkeys by hand was also no big problem to do.

If it bothers you, it's simple: grab Total Uninstall (either the last freeware version or the paid one), and monitor the installation. Uninstall as usual and then clean up the rest with it.

Adobe and Corel with good uninstallers? :huh: I can assure you that Adobe is as bad as the rest and Corel used to be the same when I used PhotoPaint


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