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Process Tamer Setup says not a Win32 program


I can't install Process Tamer as it says it is not a Win32 program.  I have Windows XP SP2 running on a Dell 8200.  The Clip and Spell program runs just fine on my computer. Any suggestions?

This is a known problem, it is originated by internet explorer.
Check this helpdesk article.

Thanks for such a prompt and absolutely accurate response.  I downloaded Process Tamer with Firefox and now it works perfectly.  This answer also solves another mystery I encountered some time ago.  I was trying upgrade a previous version of Omnipage, but the upgrade just would not work.  Omnipage insisted that the upgrade be downloaed by Internet Explorer which now I believe just did not fully download the upgrade.  Of course the upgrade became unnecessary with the latest version of Omnipage, but I hope that other programs will not limit their downloads to Internet Explorer.  Incidentally, changing the default browser to Firefox did not help; Omnipage upgrade would only come up in Internet Explorer.

Yeah, we're not exacly sure why this happens, but apparently it only happens with ie (which get us to blame them ;) ).

With omnipage, you couldn't copy the address and paste it in firefox?

Yeah, i think windows update also can only run in ie, it's sad when people do that, specially because it doesn't allow me to use my beloved opera ;)


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