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64 Bit CPU - Is it worth it?

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Ah, by the way, I recently did bump into some trouble: digital signature updates. In Denmark, the government gives you the option of getting a digital crypto signature to verify yourself against government self-service sites and the like, and it also lets third parties use this verification. Very useful stuff, since that's a lot less passwords and account names to memorize.

Digital certificates have expiration dates, so you need to renew every once in a while. Guess what? They don't really like firefox. "You have Sun Microsystems Inc. 1.6.0_03 but we require  Suns Java v. 1.4.1 or higher" - very useful error message. And for IE, the required Active-X component is 32-bit only.

Good thing that 64-bit XP has both 64- and 32-bit IE installed... launching 32-bit IE let me renew the signature, which I could then export to .pkcs12 format, and then import into firefox. But sheesh, some coders really deserve a good ol' spanking :)

Stoic Joker:
What is it with the Sun Java crowd that prevents them from ever creating and using an effective version checking system?!? I run into that mess rather frequently and it's a major part of why I hate Java bases applications.

(On Topic side note)
Vista x64 also has both a 32 & 64 bit copy of IE.

And what is it with the Sun JAVA developers that cause their JVM to be so horribly slow and inefficient? I believe that's the real reason the whole lawsuit against Microsoft's JAVA implementation was launched, because it made Sun look incompetent.

The good side of running Vista x64 on a 64 bit capable CPU finally came to light today as I was able to install the Windows Server 2008 (RTM, not RC) released yesterday (on MSDN) in a VMWare Workstation 6 x64 session, and I had it running without a hitch in under 1 hour. Rest of the software (app-testing) comes later...

The good side of running Vista x64 on a 64 bit capable CPU...
-Ath (February 05, 2008, 04:50 PM)
--- End quote ---

Just a note of clarification - you can run 64-bit guests using VMware Workstation (5.5 or newer) even if the host OS is 32-bit.  Whether VMware will run a 64-bit guest VM depends only on the processor, not whether the host is in 64-bit mode.  However, not all x64 processors are supported for running 64-bit guests.

Note that MS Virtual PC/Virtual Server do not support 64-bit guests at all (though they will run on a 64-bit host).


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