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DONE: Time Stamp to Clipboard

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Windows Notepad has a great little F5 (I think) to insert a time/date stamp.  But many programs do not.

What about a little app that stays in the systray and copies a configurable time/date stamp into the clipboard?  Then you can paste a timestamp into any program.

Right-clicking on systray icon would allow you to choose from some different formatted stamps perhaps.  And perhaps some you have configured yourself.


John Smith [4/15/2005] -
2005.4.15 16:45
Blog Entry: 2005.
Wednesday, April 15, 2005
15 Apr 2005
Apr 15, '05
04/15/2005 04:45pm

(the last one would be great for pasting into filenames when making backups)

great idea.

In case you don't know about...

For such issue i use TClockEx1.4.2

There are also TClock

I was not able to get to TClockEx.  But the second set of links pointed me to TClock2 which I installed.  Nice.

However, TClock2 only allows one format at a time.  And it does not allow for prefix/suffix text.  So perhaps this one could still be considered a possibility.

 :) I think my TicTocTitle from will do what you want.



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