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IDEA: Powerpoint shrinker

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I tried PPT Minimizer today, but got the ## error code, and it didn't register.

Maybe someone else has had better luck.

That is exactly the same error code I got.

Just got this reply from Support when I asked them about the invalid keys.

"Thank you for your feedback. From the serial number, I can tell that you got a free license from a promotion which took place last summer with a IT magazine or similar. As the published links in these magazines are spread all over the Internet, the registration page generates automatically time-limited keys after this promotion expired. The generated keys after expiration are valid until end of 2008 and show a double pound sign "##".

If you like the software and wish to use it, please purchase a full license from our website:

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any further questions."

What a bummer : the serial key which they were sending out made no mention that it had to be installed before the end of 2008. In fact I only received the keys a couple of days ago ie in 2009 itself. And if the promotion has expired, then why bother to generate keys right now when it is already 2009 and the keys only work in 2008 ?.

I put this reply here so no one need to waste time sending in a request for a "free" registration.

 ;D Thanks patteo! They didn't even offer you an upgrade price to salve the wound (not, I suppose, that it's their fault, per se... but a happy customer and all that!)? I suppose that if they'd offer you the £ 14.95 upgrade (that's roughly 50% off the full price of €29.95) to the full, commercial version, it might be "OK". Note, though, that clicking on the link leads to an "Expired, time limited offer" notificaiton (just checked), so you'd have to contact Support to request this...

Just to note: I did request and receive a licence yesterday but hadn't bothered installing or trying to register the software. What I DID do yesterday was click on the link in the confirmation e-mail offering me the £ 14.95 upgrade to the commercial version. It took me to a site confirming the price and asking me to enter my details for payment. I didn't bother... today that link leads to the expired offer notification page I mentioned in the above post. Looks like they're mopping up, patteo! I still think that they should offer you a discount for alerting them to this - I could easily have purchased the software yesterday but didn't. You'll have saved them a bit of lost revenue by asking them about this.

PS Does the key that you received feature a double # sign? Mine doesn't...

EDIT: I can't spell  :-[


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