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USB explorer (to avoid viruses and optimised performance)

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As f0dder said, you must distinguish between autorun and autoplay.
Autorun consists of reading a .ini file in the drive, and running the executable specified in that file. This is what makes viruses spread.
Autoplay consists of, when a drive is inserted, a dialog comes up with options like "read images", "read sounds", depending on the contents of the drive.

Now, the question here is that usb drives don't have Autorun, only cdroms. Thus, if you close the autoplay dialog, or select anything other than "run program" (which occasionally comes up in that dialog), or disable that dialog, there's no trouble.

I understand that (autorun.ini / autorun.inf) when you inserted a USB, it will ask for confirmation.. just cancel it so theres no problem.. but, "this is not for me"... this apps is for those "non-computer literate" specially for grand parents whose still in touch via I.M. communication. I can disable it in my computer.. but how about those non-computer literate people located in other country.

I can simply use this program(attached) to avoid it & preventing the spread of viruses..

but its ok if it is hard to implement.. if theres no solution for this, I'll just follow your post to just disable autorun via autoit..

I can simply use this program(attached) to avoid it & preventing the spread of viruses..
-psionics (January 16, 2008, 03:24 AM)
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How will it help? If the USB drive is "infected", it will have an overwritten autorun.inf, and that takes precedence over the "there's different types of files on the drive, what do you want to do?" dialog.

how it will help? the file attached, when activated, is used to delete the autorun.inf when it is detected, it also watches the wscript issues(its not mine btw). it doesn't delete the main virus or the script but it will prevent the execution of the USB virus. it is attention to common USB virus solution, not an all-around file antivirus.

intentionally, i want to provide an idea. it is better if we look forward to "solutions" rather on something else. if it is not clear yet, i just want to ask a question: is it worth doing this or not? so we can close this topic and proceed to better ones out there  :(


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