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USB explorer (to avoid viruses and optimised performance)

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I'm looking for a program to be open before exploring the USB drives. as today, most worms and viruses came from USB drives. this solution is to make the USB explorable and ejectable. hope for help in coding. thank you very much..

Simply disable autorun and you're done.

nope.. i wish so.. still, when other people click the removable drive in "my computer", they'll still activate the virus with it's autorun. this one is also good:

the purpose is for those non-techie people to avoid usb viruses/worms which is the source of spreading. with this, you can simply pass it to emails and will benefits many people. the explorer interface is just for them to recognize that they are exploring a USB drive which may come handy by dropping files there(also avoid using windows explorer's vulnerability issue)

thanks for the reply btw :)

If you turn off autoplay, double-clicking the drive will not launch the autoplay program, but instead open the drive in explorer. Notice that there's a difference between "autoplay" and "auto-insert notification".

I understand that point.. (disabling the autoplay)

there's a program called "new folder.exe" or similar, it looks like a folder but actually an exe.
an explorer app for usb removable would looks good..

the purpose is for those non-techie people(to just email this apps) to avoid usb viruses/worms which is the source of spreading

but in such away, if this is hard to implement, lets just come up with simple or practical solution


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