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WinManagement Snap & AHKSnap !

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how did i miss this? great work, Armando.. :Thmbsup: going to d/l & try this..

Thanks guys.
It's not much, really.  :-[
It's basically freesnap + WinManagement (by jgpaiva)... Without the "Undo" feature.
But it was fun to "rewrite", yesterday, to take the taskbar in consideration.  :)

But it was fun to "rewrite", yesterday, to take the taskbar in consideration.-Armando (January 08, 2008, 09:58 PM)
--- End quote ---

that's the magic of DC - it makes coders out of users! :) hmm.. now that sounds like a tag-line..

Ahah! Yes, it probably does (make, ahem, "coders" out of users).
I think that I always wanted to "code"...
I Hope I'll have more time to learn.
Maybe I'll do like superboyac and learn a bit of C/C++.  :)

Congratulations on your first AHK util.

The funtionality seems very similar to another AHK script that I use... WindowPad. Not a critisism, just an observation!

How does your script differ? What other features (if any) do you think you might add?



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