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WinManagement Snap & AHKSnap !

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congrats Armando!

is that like gridmove
I mean is that actually a modified version of gridmove?

if so, do the gridmove keys/grids still work too?

None, tomos :)

It's a modified version of the script i used for this farr alias.

Thanks everyone! I just came back.

That's because armando is using (in the same manner as i was using in winmanagement) the A_screenheight/a_screenwidth variables, which don't take into account the height of the taskbar.
-jgpaiva (January 07, 2008, 01:51 PM)
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Exactly  :-[

If you'd like to solve this, armando, see this page, specially:
SysGet, OutputVar, MonitorWorkArea,1

That allows you to get the values of the top,right,bottom and left of the screen on the following variables: OutputVarTop, OutputVarRight, OutputVarBottom and OutputVarLeft.

[edit] added explanation[/edit]
-jgpaiva (January 07, 2008, 01:51 PM)
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Thanks jgpaiva ! I shall take a look at that and try to understand... later tonight when I have 5 more minutes! :)

Of course, it would be easy to add many many more features (like scrolling up/down a window -- although that might be a bit tricky for me at that point)... Anybody can modify the script anyways, but if there are other suggestions, I can try...

OK, I made the modifications. it should now work whether the taskbar is visible or not, and wherever it's positioned on the screen. Try it and tell me if it works as expected.  :)

(Update the files in my first post)

Works great now, thank you!


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