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Textmaker (Softmaker/Ashampoo Office) 2008

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There's a special upgrade price of $12.99...-tomos (March 20, 2009, 05:34 AM)
--- End quote ---

The email I got said €12.99 or $14.99.  USD price is good for "United States and Canada only", but I'm not sure how well that is enforced.

I wonder if something like UltraSurf would help if the "US and Canada" only thing is enforced by checking your IP address... ?! Of course, my experience is that the stumbling block is usually more simply billing address fields that are fillable only by selecting a state or a province from a pulldown menu... Example: I'm in Canada and I cannot buy a copy of Microsoft Research's AutoCollage because there is no Canadian MS store. B$!

Just got an email from Ashampoo with a coupon for Ashampoo Office 2008 for $7.99:  DCT-MTN-LW6

I have no idea when the coupon might expire.

My understanding is that Ashampoo Office 2008 is the same as Softmaker Office 2008 with the exception that Ashampoo's offering doesn't support scripting which Softmaker's does (someone correct me please if I'm wrong).

Just remember to uncheck the various add-on costs for support and download 'protection' (unless you really want them).

New deal for Ashampoo Office 2008.

Click this link for a $4.99 price (not sure when it will expire):

As always with Ashampoo, make sure you uncheck the unnecessary download protection and other junk add-ons.

Wow! Great find, mwb1100  :Thmbsup: I have a licence already and recommend this deal to anyone looking for a lightweight, comprehensive and powerful Office suite. I'm curious to see what's in the next version... I wonder if the long promised DB application will appear?


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