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"Is Not a Valid Win32 Application" when installing - WHAT'S HAPPENING? HELP!

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Stoic Joker:
If you leave the page you're downloading from open and on that page (don't go forward, don't go backward, just leave it there), if the server breaks the connection (and cooks the DL) you can restart the download where it left off by clicking the link a second time. This will only work if the browser window is left open and on that page to preserve that specific session.

You can have 900 other browser windows open and frolicking all over hell and back...Just don't touch that one.

I'd forgotten about that earlier because it's (kinda second nature) habit at this point any time I'm DL'ing something from one of the chronically overloaded Chinese servers.

Some virus protection software "proxies" the connection and will show the upload as 100% complete even though the proxy is still sending the data to the server. Please be patient and let it run. It will refresh upon completion.
--- End quote ---

Picked up this bit of info from one of my storage sites.
ADrive mentioned this about uploading to ADrive, so I thought it might also be a problem with people who have "some virus protection software "proxies" ". -Whatever that is.-?
Along with the built in ie7 problem, maybe it can be nailed.

Don't know if it got figured out mouser, but I thought of this thread when I read that on ADrive-the quote in this post that is.

That doesn't seem like it would affect downloading from sites, unless the site's server was running the antivirus in the background that is doing the proxying. That is about uploading, not downloading.


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