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GOE Mugs are ready to be sent (NANY mugs too) - Send me your info!


Ok guys, the GOE (and NANY) mugs are ready to be sent to coders who participated.

If you already have a mug (or don't like mugs), please go to this cafepress shop page for donationcoder: or go to for even more products, and pick out something you want instead of a mug (don't worry about the images on the objects -- whatever you choose will have the NANY or GOE challenge cody on it).

Then fill in your full name and shipping address and submit it here:

MAKE SURE TO add that this is for the GOE OR NANY programming prize and specify if you want something other than a mug.

IF you participated in both NANY and GOE, yes you get 2 items.

If you would like to be rewarded with a book from or some other gift instead of a donationcoder mug or item, let me know.

Mugs have been sent and people should be receiving them now.

When you get yours please post here:

If you never contacted me with your address to get your mug, please do!


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