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Restore state of FARR

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I can not find any option to enable restoring of last state. By that I mean, that f.e. I do several calculations of this kind "fc 5+5" and afterwards I close the window. And when I call FARR back I would like to have completely the same state as it was when I closed it. Is there any option like this?
Thank you ;)
Oldrich Svec

svec, that's how it already should work.

it seems to be the same problem that i'm having even though i haven't tried with plugins..

• Retain keywords after losing focus

doesnt work with the calculater here at any rate -
I mean when I restart, I get the icons from the previous time it was opened..
(which suits me fine actually :))

oh i misunderstood.
if you bring farr back up and type fc again, you should see your previous history tape and the last value will still be there so that you can use it.

but you mean you want it so that if you bring up farr again, you are already open to the "fc" text and the calculator is showing?

one workaround for now is to create a special hotkey in farr that opens and starts the text saying "fc "

so now whenever you want to use farr calculator you hit shift+break or whatever, and farr will pop up ready to do calculations.


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