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Hey guys, what are the things you use to keep track of the info you get from the net? I mostly depend on my memory to recall what the name of the software was which i wanted to download, or what the site was which i thought i should add to my bookmarks list, etc. but it aint perfect. I many times have to redo the google searches, trying to put in the exact phrases which i had earlier googled to get to the results, n sumtimes i just forget about the thing completely until i see it again one day and say "I thought i tried that!". I used Cogitum co citer ( for a while before formatting my system and thought it was good :), but i need something with more features. Before reinstalling it i thought it would be better to get second opinions. What do you say?

I recently purchased MS OneNote 2007 for several purposes, "internet information manager" being one of them. It doesn't work flawlessly with Opera (my favoured browser), but I've managed to work around it, so with the push of a button, the text I've copied from a website will be pasted into a new note.

EverNote here as it grabs the source as a link at bottom of note

yes, as does OneNote

do onenote and evernote save the time of capturing text?


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