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How many of you use encryption?

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How good is the native NTFS encryption?  You know, the right-click-on-a-folder variety?
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It is very good. It is however dangerous because its tied to your user account. If you ever have a problem where you need to reinstall the OS, the data is lost. The way to prevent is to back up the key from the Certificate store in Windows or designate a recovery account, or use Active directory. Bitlocker further complicates matters. You can see what I'm getting at. The data is no longer portable outside the OS.

To be honest, I'm a bit leery of drive encryption
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I was too for a long time. Then I said to hell with it, encrypted my entire 500gb partition, synced it with another encrypted partition on external drive for backup, and now barely notice it after the initial key entry. There is no speed loss and my data is safe from prying eyes.

I like it because it doesn't have all the setup involved. You just take it and any container with you and you're good to go.
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I do exactly this with TrueCrypt. The external drive has an autorun entry (created by a TC wizard) that will run and mount the container. No need to install anything. I'm not questioning your choice of BestCrypt btw, I just don't want to pay for it without a good reason.

BestCrypt Traveler is free.

Will BestCrypt Traveler allow you to access encrypted containers on a machine where you do  not have admin privileges?
-mwb1100 (December 20, 2007, 11:02 PM)
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Quoting the help file:
"Please note that the user should have administrating privileges to run BestCrypt Traveller software."

"BestCrypt Traveller" seems like a very limited version of commercial "Bestcrypt". I'll stick with TrueCrypt.... 100% free, no crippleware.

i use
Cryptoloop for encrypting everything from partitions to whole drives on the fly.
GNU Privacy Guard (basically PGP just free and open) for mail.
Mircryption for IRC chatting.
OTR for Pidgin to encrypt all my IMs for jabber, y!, icq, aim, msn, ... (official OTR website)

same answer, less words:
yes, i do use encryption ;)

on, all of it is free as in beer and freedom.
and most of it cross platform

Who uses encryption?

I___Do :)

I wouldn't use the native NTFS encryption nor bitlocker. If somebody has offline access to your harddrive and can bruteforce your login password, you're game over with NTFS encryption - and for bitlocker, I don't know the thing well enough to say anything about it, but I'd much rather use TrueCrypt since you know what you get.

I use Loop-AES for my old fileserver (the one at my mum's place), but have moved to kernel-crypto (cryptsetup + LUKS) for the fileserver here at my place. There's a speed hit, the Celeron-420 (core2 model, not Pentium-D model, 1.60GHz) doesn't seem to be able to do the full 65MB/s that the drives can pull, but I'm not sure how to efficiently time the speed - hdparm -tT doesn't provide realiable stats for /dev/mapper/* .

And why the hell doesn't linux seem to do read-striping for RAID-MIRROR volumes?


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