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Ashampoo until Christmas

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Ashampoo seems to always be on offer, so why do I bother to tell about their latest offer? Because their rebate-offers are on old versions, and new versions are marketet at "normal" prices, but once you have purchased one of their programs at "normal" (nominel) price it is actual harder to pay the normal price than to get an rebate. So this Christmas offer (60% rebate on all) gives you a chance to purchase an okay program at an okay price and at the same time earn the "right" to be offered rebate on all their other programs in the future (emails from "Rainer Lesani"). As an example their new Office 2008 is $60, but I paid $24 - and until Christmas you too can have it at that price because of this campaign.

Be warned, though; they also have some programs hardly worth the rebated price... so download and test! All their programs have free trials.

Rebate coupon: christmas07 - to be used no later than December 24'th...

How to order:

1. Visit our website on 24th of December 2007!
2. Choose your product/s to buy!
3. At the next step enter your coupon code!

Your important coupon code which is only valid on 24th of December 2007:

Our tip for undecided customers:
Just try out our free version trials, so you can buy with 60% discount right away on the 24th of December 2007!

You will find the download link to each version trial on our website on the particular product page below the product name.

We wish you a Merry Christmas.

Your Ashampoo Team-Ashampoo
--- End quote --- =

Agggghhhh Curt you're saving me money... just when I should be spending it on christmas presents for in-laws :-\

no, seriously, thanks for that tip Curt - I got the "Office" upgrade for €16 *

your email quote above gives the impression it only works on the 24th, but works now for any one interested

* even at €60 I reckon that office suite (from Softmaker) is a bargain

Ashampoo = endless emails trying to sell you stuff.   :down:

* even at €60 I reckon that office suite (from Softmaker) is a bargain-tomos (December 19, 2007, 04:35 PM)
--- End quote ---

When purchasing at Ashampoo's site   europeens must remember first to change currency from euro to US-dollar   in order to save the difference  because the price is both $60 and €60   but €60 is almost $80.

Office 2008 truly is a bargain.

Ashampoo = endless emails trying to sell you stuff.   :down:
-mrainey (December 19, 2007, 04:52 PM)
--- End quote ---

Then what about cancelling your subscription...?     

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