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Laptop hard drive... 5400 or 7200 ?

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I can't return it - I bought it at either TigerDirect or NCIX for about $80, open box, and they WON'T take returns on such merchandise. I wouldn't mind that much except that it is almost useless as an external harddrive. My 5400 rpm ATA units are fine but this one is almost impossible to get power to (via a powered hub) and get recognised by Windows  :( So, I don't acutally use it...

pardon my ignorance but what is "open box"?

pardon my ignorance but what is "open box"?
-lanux128 (January 17, 2008, 10:00 PM)
--- End quote ---

A previously opened and returned box. Kinda like a refurbished item, but just not used.

does that mean the person who purchased didn't like it or was it faulty? & what about the warranty?

Good question, lanux. I'm not sure why someone would buy a notebook harddrive and then return it, but my understanding is that it can't be re-sold unless it is working, and non-faulty, condition. It does work - when I can get it to be recognised. I'm sure the issue is with powerconsumption and this does give me pause about actually obtaining one to install as my primary harddrive - they must really suck the juice!


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