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RFI: Win32 API or WMI means of manipulating multiple video displays/monitors.

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I think ultramon let's you set up different profiles like this and switch between them.

Ralf Maximus:

There are two classes inside the .zip: Monitors.cls is the main control structure & procedures, while Monitor.cls is the object definition for the collection.  Reading thru the code suggests it does not accept new values; it's just providing data about the video configuration.  So in that regard it's not helpful, but still it might yield a clue.  The API calls utilized are:


Basically upon initialization you end up with a collection of individual Monitor objects, one for each enumerated display.  You can determine just about everything from individual height + width to the total desktop real estate available.

I did not include a referenced file, MonitorPickerForm, as it's a simple graphical display showing the orientation/position/size of each monitor object, similar to your screenshot but cheesier.  Since you're not planning to compile this I figured it's not important.

Wish it was more,

Ralf Maximus:
I think ultramon let's you set up different profiles like this and switch between them.
-mouser (December 17, 2007, 03:52 PM)
--- End quote ---

Aye, that it does.

Is there anything UltraMon doesn't do?  Oh yeah... get along with nVidia Desktop Manager. 

Yeah, Ultramon will let you do it as easily as double-clicking on the systray icon (if you configure it for that action).  Plus you get a lot of other really nice multimonitor functions to boot.

My laptop actually handles this automatically when I plug/unplug the monitor signal cable.

Thanks Ralf, but I got the stuff I need to retrieve the info. I need the info to set it. But thanks to you guy mentioning UltraMon, I now have another place to look for help. UltraMon has a freely downloadable SDK with a help file and sample code. They require a licensing fee if you use their COM controls, but maybe I can find the few API calls I need in there somewhere.

If it is OK with you Mouser, maybe you can contact them and see if we can get a license that allows us to release Donationware (like Coding Snacks) at no cost.


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