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Wallpaper Manager?

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WallShuffler is a simple wallpaper changer that allows you to alternate between a selection of desktop backgrounds. The program can update your wallpaper every time you start Windows, or manually from the system tray. A feature that makes this (otherwise mediocre) application stand out, is the ability to apply various image effects to the wallpaper, without changing the original image.
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Wallpaper Managers, it's incredible what a long list you can find...! There's enough there to keep you busy for a long time.

I've seen lots of wallpaper changers. Some are great, some are complete excrement.

Here are 3 that I find very good.

Clint's Wallpaper Master (has a cool cropping and backdrop feature *Requires .NET)

Kana WallChanger

Wallpaper Master (I use the Pro version)

I really like John's Background Switcher (Donationware) for this kind of thing:

Can keep track of folder's containing wallpapers and can even download wallpapers from Flickr and Picasa based on keywords.

Actively developed too!

personally i like Paper Plus 9.3.1 but check out this great mini-review on Wallpaper Master.


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