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S.O.S.....Having troubles "upgrading" from Vista to XP SP2

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Sorry, I didn't post the link for SIW.
and a great many more system info reapers

If CodeTRUCKER &/or jammo are still working on this, & In case it helps...

Might check out Paragon softwares backup program -- believe that they have a trial. I was turned on to it a while back from one of the posts at DC, and it is a very decent program that will create a bootable image for you on discs or network drive etc.

For external drives you might want to consider buying a standard drive and housing separately if that's the way you decide to go -- it has to do with the warranties, or lack thereof.

For laptop drivers, it's iffy at best and involves trial and error, but there are a lot of components shared from one brand to another, and if you're lucky another company might have taken the trouble to post XP drivers. I've also tracked down drivers by reading the developer's info in dll files, though in some cases it was like following clues in a murder mystery.  :D


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