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S.O.S.....Having troubles "upgrading" from Vista to XP SP2

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Ralf Maximus:
CodeTRUCKER, before you do anything else: make an image backup of your drive.


Carol Haynes:
Looking good CodeTrucker - as Ralf says though get a good solid drive image before anything else and write down all the steps you used to resolve the issues. You might want to burn a drivers disc too so you have it handy for future reference.

One last thing you might want to do - go to Start > Run and type EVENTVWR.MSC and check if there have been any problems since you last rebooted under System and Application categories.

If you have pages of errors dating back to all your fiddling right click on the categories and delete the logs and when they are empty reboot - then go back and have another look.

If you don't have any errors or warnings then you are set to go. Defrag your system and do a full image using somthing like Acronis TrueImage so that in future you can simply install with a couple of clicks. Get another image once you have installed all of your main applications too.

This is wisdom, I just wish I could remember all of them.  :P

No problems with  EVENTVWR.MSC that I can tell.

Thanks again for the help!  :Thmbsup:


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