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S.O.S.....Having troubles "upgrading" from Vista to XP SP2

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I have been trying to upgrade my Toshiba laptop from Vista to XP without a lot of success, so I am needing some help.

The general approach with such stuff that i recommend is:

1) backup current hard drive image so you can always go back to you current setup (i.e. use a drive imager like Acronis, etc.)
2) backup any of your data files in an easy-to-access way.
3) visit the website of the computer manufacturer and find and download all drivers for your computer (important if you have a laptop since there are commonly special drivers for the network, touchpad, etc.)
4) do a clean install of the new operating system, wiping out the previous one (i.e. never try to do a formal "upgrade")
5) install the drivers
6) do a driver image of the new clean install.

Toshiba is a good laptop maker and their drivers are easily available on the web -- you should have no problem with xp on that machine.

Oops!  I already blew it on the first bullet.  :-[  Lesson learned for next time.

Here is your page of drivers from the toshiba site:

You want to download the most recent of each different driver.
Check your bios version as well and upgrade your bios if it is older (MAYBE -- only if you feel like an adventure).

Any pc that can run vista can run xp well.

No question about that.  The trick is to get the Vista machine to "run" XP.  ;)


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