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You'll love the title of this article about IE8!

Story's pretty funny, too. I've seen other references to this - I must track down a clip of Billy-Bob making his comments, because I suspect that a lot of this reaction is to his tone/choice of words?

yeah i enjoyed that, thanks renegade.  Be a novel approach to the web browser business if it didn't let you read a web page lol  hmmm tho perhaps i shouldn't laugh, it might be the latest in DRM, if you just cant get there then you cant steal it.

Ralf Maximus:
If the blog comments had been written in 1907:

Dear Mr. Asay:

While I admire & respect your opinion, I feel compelled to bring up an awkward subject, id est that in past correspondence with your readers you have asserted a desire to compose programming for Babbage devices, along with your admission that the skills elude you.  Thus, with all due respect, I find your position contrary to your own stated level of accomplishment in the field.  May I be so bold as to suggest a greater enthusiasm for researching Microsoft's current activities, before disparaging their very efforts utilizing the skills to which you yourself admit ignorance?

Sincerely Yours (etc etc)

Ralf Maximus:

My Dear Mr. benopolis,

I have read your recent missive with great acceptance of its inner truth, yet remain steadfast in my beliefs, despite my own admitted ignorance.

While the inner mechanics of Microsoft research & development elude me, one can easily discern the dichotomy betwixt their trumpeted achievements and the experiences shared by typical gentlemen such as ourselves.

Thus any ignorance admitted by myself as to any Grand Design has little if any bearing on this discourse, and in fact, flies contrary to the very point I wish to make: that my status as a consumer of Babbage machine wares lends greater weight to the opinions I express in my writings than a man of lesser standing and achievement.  Were Microsoft to inquire as to my personal inclinations, I believe my experiences would captivate and inform them.

As always, I strive for greater understanding of the mysterious gentlemen operating Microsoft.  One day, perhaps, I will achieve a form of "nirvana" (to borrow an East Indian phrase) which shall accompany the complete and total understanding of their machinations.  However, until that glad day arrives, I shall forge ahead and utilize the techniques and technologies with which I am comfortable.

Yours (etc),
Mr. Matt Asay


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