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Microsoft Publishes Detailed Vista SP1 Changelog

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Just saw this over at OSNews, thought it might interest you guys... I'll take a look at it a bit later, and decide whether Vista might deserve a go.

"Leading up to next week's public beta-test release of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Release Candidate, Microsoft today has published a 17-page document outlining in fine detail exactly what difference SP1 makes to Vista. Some of the contents has been shared in bits in the past, but this is so far the most comprehensive 'changelog' we've ever seen and probably will see as the final version is not expected to differ much from the RC, with the exception of WGA modifications."
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No IE8 update?! Microsoft needs to ditch these huge service packs and go to a more incremental 6-month update approach. This is the Vista they should have released to RTM back in late '06.

Did they say SP1 would include IE8? I dont remember reading it if they did.

I don't think so. Believe that will come with the Longhorn (Windows Server) in the Spring. No matter, based on this changelog, this will be a good step toward solidifying Vista and perhaps quieting its loudest critics like myself, who've suffered through its x64 version this year.


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