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IDEA: inappropriate word buster

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I work in a factory in Dickson, TN. The plant manager has a 9 year old daughter who is learning to use the internet at school, and chats with her friends online at home, on approved sites. The manager heard that I know about computers, and shared with me that he had been busy at something else, so he asked his daughter to look up a transmission shop for him. She typed in "trannies" and you KNOW what she got! They were both shocked. He asked me if there was some sort of program which is user-configurable which would catch certain words, or combination of words or numbers (house numbers, personal phone numbers, etc.) which, when caught, would immediately stop the application and flash a warning, possibly until backspace is pressed, or a password is given or key combination is pressed. He would like it to catch incoming as well as outgoing, as in when his daughter chats, he wants to know who might be asking for her number or address, as well as stopping her from giving it, and possibly stopping the question itself. There would also have to be some way to quickly by-pass the word-catcher, as there might be something totally harmless but will nevertheless be caught. He has tried Net Nanny and programs like that, but they are either too restrictive, not restrictive enough, or aren't user configurable enough.

I think this goes beyond a simple AHK script... if you want to let kids use the internet it's probably best to go with a 'nanny' tool of some kind. Never used or tested any, but you should be able to find reviews online.

Tell them to use Google with SAFE SEARCH on!

Ralf Maximus:
Tell them to use Google with SAFE SEARCH on!
-Deozaan (December 15, 2007, 04:54 PM)
--- End quote ---

Second that.  For the described situation, that should be enough.  The 9yo in question wasn't trolling for trannies so that would have prevented it.

Thanks, I'll sugest it to him.


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