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Playing FLV movies - stopped working for some?


Carol Haynes:
I have a small library of FLV files I have downloaded from YouTube.

Up until recently they played fine (in VEOH TV) but now all I get is sound.

I have installed FLV Player 2 and some of the videos work fine in that but others just hang with a message "Loading ...." and nothing else.

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling VEOH without effect, installing the latest version of flash plugins from Adobe, the Community Codecs from community Codec Project - nothing seems to make any difference.

Anyone got any ideas how to make this work again?

I haven't had a problem playing FLV's (yet).  How could I get hold of one that's giving you trouble?

Carol Haynes:
Strangely they seem to be OK again - I uninstalled everything Flash related, rebooted and tried again and things seem to work so far. It's all very strange. Thanks for the offer though - if it goes peculiar again I'll take you up on your offer.

What I don't understand is why only some FLV files didn't work when others did?

K-Lite Codec Pack (~6.5 MB).

Perfect for most people, you can watch FLV in any video player. You don't need a "special FLV player"!!!  :D




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