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structured plaintextfile based note taker

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Thanks everyone for all your good suggestions.

Regarding  AM-notebook. It would be the software of choice if I needed more formatting options but I want to keep the flexibility of using something like notepad if i just want to make a quick edit to one of my notes or use my search tool of choice but when using the program most of the time have all the notes organised together even though they're on different physical locations. Their software is always high quality so I'll give it a go!

Do you want your notes to be kept tidily in one folder ? Or do you just need something to organize text files into a tree structure ? the second option is not hard to find : UltraRecall, MyBase, Surfulater or maybe even SQLNotes : just drag & drop your files there *as shortcuts* and organize them in a tree like structure.
-Armando (December 05, 2007, 09:39 PM)
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I'm looking for the second option and I didn't realise these programs all do that.

I'm trying out Keynote now though and the 'virtual tree node' seems to do what I asked for, let's see how it stands up.

It has been moved to, but nothing much has happened.-biltong (December 06, 2007, 03:10 AM)
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welcome aboard Haydn! even though KeyNote is not being actively developed, it's author sometimes visits this forums and in fact he has released a minor update for the DC community recently.. here is the link:

• A minor update to KeyNote - only on DonationCoder

I'm trying out Keynote now though and the 'virtual tree node' seems to do what I asked for, let's see how it stands up.-justice (December 06, 2007, 03:34 AM)
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justice: quotes from these two topics might help..

Well, if you want edit single notes with an external program, e. g. Word, you might try to use "Virtual Notes". In this case the notes are stored outside of keynote, the default is rtf. You can make a virtual node by selecting a note and selecting Virtual node from the context menu. These notes can be edit with an external program and then you can refresh them in keynote.
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I haven't used virtual nodes but they are explained in the sample.knt file.
Normally all data is inside an keynote file so you don't need them.

If you have external files eg. logfiles then you can create a virtual link so you can edit this external file inside KeyNote (plain text or RTF format).

Suppose you have an KeyNote files describing a logfile (or others) then you can create a virtual node to the file and edit the file without a separate editor.
A external program has written to the logfile and you can read/edit then inside KeyNote as if the data was in the KeyNote file.

If you have already a file (text or RTF) then you don't have to convert it to KeyNote but create a virtual node, the file stays on it own on disk and you can edit it as was it in KeyNote as you like. -Fred
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a notetaker app that opens and structures a series of textfiles in a folder structure. At the moment most people either use software like onenote or evernote to keep all notes together, or plain text files scattered over their system. What I am looking for is to keep the flexibility of plain text (being able to edit/copy/rename/sync the node anywhere), but with some organising features - just some kind of tree structure where every node is an actual plain text file. Not the proprietary or database format used by all notetakers.
make sense, please tell me if I don't :D-justice (December 04, 2007, 06:02 AM)
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Armando proposed SQLNotes and being the developer, I'd say that it can do that right now. Simply drag-drop files from windows explorer onto a grid and you can have 1 click access to your files. In such cases, the file is not stored in SQLNotes, but on your disk, as a file. You can organize the file links in outlines (with fonts, colors, etc) (plus folders, plus other stuff which you do not seem to need for now)

SQLNotes comes with a build-in editor so you have the choice of using your editor or the built-in one. If using the built-in editor, an autosave mode does just that. No prompts, just edit, change item, edit, etc. Nothing to stop the flow.

A number of improvements are coming which may be useful for you:
1- folder monitoring: tell it which folder to monitor and it will create entries automatically as files are created
2- file link through a windows shortcut: big advantage is if you move the file, the link is maintained

And if it doesn't do just what you want, I can certainly make small changes to accomodate your needs:

Thanks lanux128!  I really thought the program was dead, and it's great to see there is still a little light out there.  I will download the update!

There was a little interest on SourceForge with a number of people who wanted to take on KeyNote and develop it further, but that seems to have quietened down again.  Such a pity, as it is a marvellous piece of software.


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