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Rumor: Windows Apps Running Native on Your Mac

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Hey f0dder, quit ruining the salacious gossip with logic  :P  ;)

Apple likes to lay nuggets within OS X codebase. The ZFS file system, Windows API... I wonder if the so rumored FLAC support in 10.5 might be lurking there as well :D

Does OS X come with ZFS support, or does it just have bits and pieces like the PE support mentioned above? :)

FLAC support in kernel? heh. That belongs as a codec for iTunes, nothing else. Retards if they don't already have support for that, but my mac-using friend bitched about it.

AFAIK, OS X 10.5 have read-only support for the ZFS filesystem. There's some tool released by Apple that gives complete read and write control of the filesystem, but I ignore its utility.

D'oh! I should have clarified that the support would have come with a new release of iTunes that would be released at the same time that OS X 10.5, that is, packed with it. It didn't happen anyway, seems that the only update iTunes receives nowadays is for supporting newer models of the iPod. Not that it troubles me, though ;D

AFAIK, OS X 10.5 have read-only support for the ZFS filesystem.
--- End quote ---

Though not confirmed, I think ZFS was going to be a new fully supported file system, but they couldn't stabilise and it got pulled, leaving only the read support (probably the write support is just disabled). The developer tools which come with Leopard enable read/write for developer testing.


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