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Request: where to put "Tiny Tips"?


Sometimes, when I grok something, I want to pass the information/idea on, just in case it's useful for anyone else.


So you've realised that your folder and file naming system for your photos is just not working any more, and you start investigating programs that batch-rename and sort according to EXIF information. 
Tip: use your current (flawed) folder structure to help you generate IPTC/XMP keywords before you start moving the photos around!  That way, you can always try out different renaming schema's without being forced to include that information in the new file or folder names.  You can always change/remove the keywords later if necessary.
--- End quote ---

So I'd like to post this somewhere, and since it would start showing up in the forum search it could be useful to others, but I am not sure where best to post it.  I'm not sure about posting it in "General Software Discussions" since it seems kind of lame as an actual discussion as such.  So where seems a good place for this kind of "nugget" or "tip of the day"-style post? 

If not in a special section of the forum then how about encouraging posts like this with "Tip:" as prefix in the title?

i think general software or living room would both be fine.

just add something at the end like:

Do you have any other tips for renaming pictures?

then the thread is opened up for others to chime in.

and make sure you name the topic something related to your tip so people can find it again, like
"Useful tip for renaming photos based on EXIM information" or something like that..

I think it's nice when people share their tips, large or small alike.

Will do.  Thank you.  :)


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