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I need to and add few essential features to PHP script


Hello, I have downlaoded the PHP script called PHPads, but I want to use it as a badge script.
The script is very simple without mysql. I will pay 20$ via paypal for your help.

2. Features request

1. When new image is added there is a way to specify custom ID
and I specify it when generating the image code to be used on a page where the image need to be shown.
But the script rotates the images based on "Weight"
I need to be able to display only image based by ID specified (the badges does not need rotation like ads)

2. Add a Alt text field like this that would show specified text when mouse if over the image.
Also option to generate current date is needed. Should be something like "Custom text here - 2013-12-18"

3. If a badge expires now the badge is simply not shown anymore, I would like to have an option to
make the badge lighter like this and to show custom text like expired like this.

Here is the script


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