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New C# FARR Plugin: FARRAltTab

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I've downloaded your plugin (it was a logical next step, as I use FARR for so many purposes) and like it very much. I've even taken the plunge and bound it to standard Alt-Tab combination... Still taking some time to get used to, but I think it's worth it.

I have a small suggestion, though... Would it be possible to have the last active window (i.e. not the one that is seen now, but the previous one) to be the first on the list? Having the currently active window in the first place does not make much such sense, as you lose the Enter (i.e. select the first item) functionality... and in FARR Entering the best search becomes quite a habit.

This would make sense when you switch just between two applications - in that case typing in is slower than just alt-tabbing...

One more feature request, in addtion to what I wrote above...

Would it be possible to add management of hidden/tray apps? I imagine it could work in two steps: when you first type „tab”, you see the taskbar window names, just as it is now. But when you start typing and any hidden/tray app contain the string, they show up as well...

As for tray applications, I suppose selecting them in FARR would work the same as double clicking (or clicking? oops, needs to be configured, I guess...) on their tray icon - I am not sure it is possible at all... But it would make FARR experience much more complete - truly mouseless experience!

Hi Jabberwock,
They are great suggestions. However, I hardly have time lately to work on FARR :(.

If you're into programming feel free to download the source code of FARR Alt+Tab and tinker with it or create a new version.

Unfortunately, my coding skills are very limited... And C# is definitely not my cup of tea...

I just downloaded version 1.2 and I can't get the plugin to load properly.  :(
I run on Win 7 (64 bit), and whenever I start FARR with the plugin enabled, it crashes on startup.
I'd like to give more info, but I just get a stupid Win7 popup saying:

Find&Run Robot has stopped working
Windows is checking for a solution to the problem... 


Anybody has an idea how to fix this?




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