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Is your credit card safe?

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It is very important for you to check out if your credit card is safe!!
-and of course it is equally important to use this link only, now!
And by all means you have to select both "Credit Card Provider" and "Your Country"
- and Start Safety Search.
- and then to see if your credit card is safe!

An even greater part is that you don't have to share any private informations
- or to give any access to your computer (quite a miracle)!

Oh, man, this Safety Search is so important, go check it out right now!!  8)

Remember to press the button:

- and to first turn on the sound and maybe install Flash Player.

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 ;D awesome  ;D

[some more stupid smileys to show support!]

Marvelous  :Thmbsup: ;D

Ralf Maximus:
Eeek!  Those women have my credit cards!  Whom do I call???

Heheh. At first I was wondering if it was a (parody) scam.

"Enter your credit card number here and we'll tell you if it's been stolen or not!"


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