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[feature request] multiple run

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Blown away by your response :). Donation incoming.
Exactly what i was chasing on both counts, thanks!

RE: PortableApps
As I understand (and please don't take this as gospel because my only experience is from being an end user) Portableapps packaged apps are pretty much self contained. Their folders are structured in a way that the platform can gather program data (versions, icons, etc) in a predictable manner and add its own metadata to them (categories, favorite app flags, etc.) The exe to be run sits in the individual app's root directory but this is sometimes a launcher made by the team to augment the original app's startup (providing portability enhancements and support) or to fix certain existing issues. The original exe sits in an '%App'sDirectory/app/%appName' subdirectory.

My 'search folder' in FARR for portableapps is thus (NOTE: the 'portableapps' subdir below is created by the platform and is the default area to install apps via the platform):
subdirectory depth=1
file types=exe

FARR handles this just fine with no excess crud coming up in searches and I'm a happy camper.


Glad it's useful to you!

Maybe we can revisit the portable apps use cases in the near future and see if there aren't some good options and metadata handling that farr could do to make it even better as a portable app usb stick launcher.

I'd be happy to support that in any way I can! 


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