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Looking for a special RSS reader

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Does anybody know of a free RSS reader that is (or has) a ticker that can be docked at the bottom of my screen? (this location is important, as I already have too much at the top of my screen)

I would want the ticker to be quite thin and not take up that much screen space.

I would also want it to scroll, cycling through the headlines (10 most recent) of all my feeds and not just a single feed. And it needs to be able to handle a LOT of feeds.

It should show a snip of the content for an entry on hover, and go to the page related to it in my default browser when clicked.

What I am looking for is something resembling this:

Looking for a special RSS reader

The problem with the one shown is that it doesn't dock, it just stays on top...and it only shows a single feed...and it closes itself if I close my browser.  :(

Newzie ( ) does all what you want. It is free and handles lots of feeds without any problem.

To display the NewsBar use :
Preferences>Display>Visual Modes>NewsBar

Then go to the NewsBar tab in the Preferences panel and customize the NewsBar to display the news that you want.

To move the NewsBar click somewhere between the displayed news and drag it. It doesn't dock, but it can be resized at will.

The docking is kind of important, because I don't want it overlapping open windows.

Except for the fact it doesn't dock, it's the most beautiful RSS reader I have ever seen!  :-*

i use newzie too and since the program is in active development you can drop a mail to the devs to include docking features. also allSnap can be used to achieve some pseudo-docking ability..


resurecting this old thread... it looks like Newzie development has been suspended, anybody here still using it?
I'm using Google Reader for my RSS reading, but it definitely lacks some advanced features only found in desktop software, if you're using a desktop software for RSS agregation, which one are you using and why?
I'm tried feeddemon, but I don't really like it, RSS bandit is too buggy for me, newzie seems very nice, but I don't want to invest time in a dead product.

Cheers  /jerome


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