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[feature request] option to open FARR centered in the active monitor


Hi mouser,

i'd like to make a suggestion regarding FARR and i think it would make a nice option (and i guess not so difficult to implement)

FARR would open (when invoked) in the current active monitor, the active monitor being the one where the mouse pointer is
i have a 2-monitor configuration, and i would love to invoke FARR in the monitor i'm actually looking at...

Since FARR is a power users tool of choice and that many power users have multi-monitor configuration, it would be a nice addition ;)

Cheers, Nitrix

this is a good idea.

Great idea.
Mouser, could you also add an option that FARR takes up the whole screen space leaving a definable border space around it. I always maximize FARR and leave 40 pixels of border or something like that around it, but when I change to another resolution - when doing a power point presentation -, it all gets jumbled and I have to twitch FARR again to its right position and size.



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