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best clipboard program

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I wouldn't use a program that crashes all the time and loses my work.  There are too many good programs available.

What program is doing this to you?

-mrainey (November 06, 2007, 07:07 AM)
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A bit late in the game, but WordPerfect8 crashes often on me.
Mostly at start up though.
I haven't upgraded as i don't find any significant improvements.
Using XP Home.

I would suggest OpenOffice as best replacement even for Word users.
Most people don't need all the extras in Microsoft programs.

Ditto is nice. Doesn't use much memory.

I love ClipX

It is tiny, 68k; has nice, easy keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl-Shift-V Clip Menu, Ctrl-Shift-G Pass clip to Google, Ctrl-Shift-N Pass to browser as URL; and is easy to use.  It is not updated very often, but it does a nice job.  Check it out.

Yep, ClipX is sweet! Also, it runs from a flash drive quite nicely. Someone just needs to make a plugin do you can choose a capture sound. I have it mapped to my right mouse X button using X-Mouse Button Control (another VERY handy program).

How about Yankee Clipper lll (YC3)?
I've used this for years and it's a valuable tool for me.

oops! I realized you said you wanted something to record what you type...
YC3 doesn't do that! :-[



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