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v1.07.18 beta

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It is 8.5, but I've not sorted out my toolbars yet - 'fraid I'm one of those migrators from Firefox, so I have to make Opera look like FF before I feel entirely comfortable.  I've already done that on my main machine, but not got around to doing it on the other.  You're right: 39 is quite nice...

<offtopic>Here is a tutorial to get the URL bar above the tabs, as in Firefox / IE:</offtopic>

<offtopic>offtopic it is, but it's brilliant!  thanks for the link, nontroppo</offtopic>

Screenshot shows problems when window resizing is turned on (with transparency on Win2K), it doesn't matter which skin. The bottom section fails to get skinned. If you focus away and back it recovers, but resizing can make it worse (see below post):

And a compact iTunes skin:


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