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On one machine I run F&RR on, I have the taskbar at the top of the screen; on the other, it's at the bottom.  Would it be possible to specify which way the tray opened, up or down.  On the machine with the bar at the top it works fine as it is, but on the other, it's a little odd - of course, of course, of course I can work with it like this, but if it could be done...

can you be a little more specific - do you mean the system tray menu when you right click on the system tray icon?  does F&R not behave like all other apps in this respect?

I mean the search window itself, which I position in the middle of the screen - on this machine, it sits in the middle at the top of the screen, as in the attached image.  What I'm wondering about is whether it could open upwards, so that I could position it immediately above the taskbar at the bottom on the screen.

(oops, had no intention for that picture to be so big - sorry)

ah i understand - with the autosize thing always going down, this is a problem for you.. makes sense.

its easy enough for me to make it expand up, EXCEPT..
would you then want the edit field to stay on the bottom, with the list of results above it.. what ould be a little harder.. but without that feature, it might be disconcerting to have the edit field always changing location...

actually i think i should be able to do it.


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