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v1.07.18 beta

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You must drink some pretty strong coffee!  ;) Keep up the great work!

What skinning format is it that you are using. The skn files don't seem to be normal zip-files.
Is it possible to create custom skins?
I noticed that the preferences aren't skinned. That looks a bit strange when the rest is fully skinned.

here is the tool for creating and/or editing existing skins:

the skin system is called VclSkin.

i'd love to include with F&R any custom F&R skins made by users.

i can turn on skinning for preferences and other forms.

Skins I like: 15, 26, 39, 44, 66 (though I will probably not use any of them as I prefer FARR unskinned).

What are the licences on the other skins, can we remix them?

I would love to have a 'milk' theme to match my windowblinds - I think the original was a Mac theme made by Max Rudberg.  It's over here:

I had a look at the maker app, but decided it would take a man of my talents far, far too long to work it out!  Perhaps in months to come there will be a subsection of F&RR skins over at!


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