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Program to Change File Attributes on Windows

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I crashed a harddrive once by trying to remove the archive attribut from the whole system drive  :-[ It never booted up afterwards so I think it was gone anyware. Now I just leave these things alone though lol.

try this. I don't know about it, just saw it so thought it might be relevant

You're right - this functionality IS built into most file managers. I decided to try FlagRASH and it works well. Major annoyance is the fact that it won't remember what folder you were working with (it opens to its own program directory) so you have to change it EACH time, which is VERY annoying. Wouldn't part with any cash for it myself...

I've used Attribute Changer with success even on Vista.

Holy cheese, batman! The other shareware options listed at the beginning make FlagRASH look like a bargain  :huh:


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