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Program to Change File Attributes on Windows

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I am looking for a program that can quickly change file attributes of several files on Windows. SO far, I've found

Attribute Changer (FREE) -
Attribute Magic Pro ($) -
Febooti File Tweak ($) -

Any other suggestions?

Ralf Maximus:
Not tying to be a twit, but what about the good old-fashioned command-line command ATTRIB?

It'll handle file-masks, subdirectories, and even folder attributes.  ATTRIB /? for the 411.

There's FLAGRash... (payware) if you're not comfortable using the Command line.

Also, many (most?) file managers handle this pretty well.  Even with Explorer if you select multiple files the open the properties window you get a single dialog that lets you set or clear the attributes for the group in a single go.  But Explorer does not have a good way to manipulate the time stamps.

From the screenshots, that free Attribute Changer extension looks pretty nice.

For myself, I'd use XYplorer, as it's already there for me.

There's FLAGRash... (payware).-Darwin (October 31, 2007, 05:23 PM)
--- End quote ---
wow, $14 for that.. isn't this a feature built-in with most file managers? :)


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