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Latest FARR Release 2.234.01 - Feb 26, 2019

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Big day for FARR releases..

You can now specify that certain search folders should only match against certain file extensions (you can use this along with modifier keywords to help you narrow search to certain folders and file types easily with the +keyword approach).

You can also now specify a prefix that will turn on or off matching against aliases - J-Mac this is for your problem.  Using this you can for example set a prefix of ! and now it will never match against aliases+plugins unless you start by typing ! and when you do that it will ONLY match against aliases+plugins.  Useful if you like to be in control of when it matches against aliases+plugins or not.

I've also attempted to improve dialog autosizing with skins.. i HOPE i haven't broken anything here but i may have -- let me know if FARR is autosizing wrong for you now and was working before.

Nice work, mouser.

I still can't get the non-contiguous searching to work. I must be doing something stupid. But what?

I don't know why, but when I type ffox, firefox doesn't show.

The shortcut name for FireFox is "Mozilla Firefox.lnk"

What am I doing wrong? Or is there a conflicting option that I've selected?

AFAICT, the only option affecting non-contiguous searching/scoring is the "score non-contiguous matches" option.

-Armando (July 27, 2008, 03:13 PM)
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I still can't get the non-contiguous searching to work. I must be doing something stupid. But what?
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i know what it is, you've got the "Check full path for search words even when not using \ characters" option checked.. i'm going to try to make it work with that, please hold for an update to follow.

Mouser, that's it. Thanks.  :up:
I'll disable the ""Check full path..." option for now... just to have fun with the non-contiguous searching. It's great BTW, really great. I'm not too bad as a typist, but... I tend to make small mistakes...

updated (but not marked as update available with updater so you have to right-click and force an update).


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