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Slysoft 20% discount on all products Expires Wednesday, December 31 2008!

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CloneDVD is not intended to copy only audio tracks.

I hope this info helps you.
-expat83 (January 04, 2008, 08:53 AM)
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Thanks a lot for the explanation. I'd already bought the three products in December (computers need Christmas gifts, too :) I wonder though if I could interest you in the feature of extracting audio tracks from DVDs. It would be terribly useful and should fit the general purpose of the software.

See first post as they got a New update policy.

There are special coupons for returning customers if one asks and  also volume discounts.
-expat83 (December 21, 2007, 11:15 AM)
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You know, I own 3 of your products, and last winter I emailed you asking if the fact that I already owned 3 would get me a discount on another one.

Didn't get a reply - and I just decided I didnt need the product enough and could live without. If there was a more official scheme, or a member's area with that kind of information, you might have had the sale.


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