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carol was threatening to review msn desktop search but i think she's gone a-dancing tonight :)

I wondered about that, Clif.  Perhaps I should have said that more plainly - hell, even said it at all!  Although I think it would be clear as soon as you followed the link to the site...

Carol Haynes:
carol was threatening to review msn desktop search but i think she's gone a-dancing tonight :)
-mouser (September 30, 2005, 10:52 AM)
--- End quote ---

Was I - news to me ;) (MSN by the way).

Unfortunately dancing was out - the concert ( was excellent but the seating was really uncomfortable. I couldn't actually sit straight in m seat because the balcony wall was too close in front of me. Poor chap next to me was even more uncomfy as his legs were too long even sitting at an angle!

If you want to see her she still has quite a few UK dates and Belgium (!!!) (unfortunately the US and Canada dates were last month).

This Archivarius is a cool piece of software.  I really like it a lot, from what little I've used it.  Granted, I'm not too big on desktop searching softwares, namely because I keep my computer really OCD organized.  I have an extremely organized file structure, I keep multiple note-taking databases for random notes and information, and my email program is well organized as well.  But, sometimes, it does help to find something where you need to search across the board.  Archivarius does this pretty nicely.  And it's a lightweight program!  And relatively cheap, especially if you're a student.

The only other desktop search I've used is X1, and I like archivarius better.  There's barely anything on the internet about this program, how come?  Weird.

Hm, I guess I might give it a spin... not too keen on the desktop search things, but I guess that's because the first I ever looked as was google, with it's horrible run-in-webbrowser strategy, and the almost viral way it pops up on people's machines >_<

EDIT: I think I need to tweak the settings of which file to index a bit... or perhaps index only part of my data. Estimate: 690'152 documents, 396.89 GB, 146.8GB index size. That's a task for tomorrow :)


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