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clipboard bug
When using %clipboard% in an alias command, as per docs, the var is not replaced with the contents of the clipboard.

Is there is difference between $$c and %clipboard%?

there is actually a difference.
%clipboard% should ALWAYS be replaced with clipboard text (blank if clipboard text is blank).

$$c can be used to mean $$1 unless its blank, and clipboard text if it is blank.
for example from the help file:

* So an alias might match on text gsearch(.*)
* with result: gsearch $$c |$$c
* When user types "gsearch hello" it will open a search to hello
* When user types "gsearch" it will open a search to clipboard text
so $$c is used where you might normally put $$1

you can also manually tell farr to use your clipboard text in a search by typing $c

so if you have an alias like "define (.*)" which uses $$1 in its search, you could TYPE in the search box "define $c" and it will be as if you typed ("define CLIPBOARD_TEXT_HERE").


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