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[bugs report] here is a list of outstanding bugs

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Mouser asked me to post a list of outstanding bugs regarding FARR
Since as you know now, mouser is preparing an update !!!  :D

historys bug
when you select a previous search through the historys command, a space is appended to it
so basically if your last search is : search keyword
then if you select your last search through the historys command you'll get
search keyword{space}

showmemo bug
bug using the showmemo command :
only the first line break (\n) works ... after that it shows "\n" ...

folder with a dash bug
F&R fails to list files in a folder with a dash in its name (b142)
reported by jzippo

clipboard bugs

* $$c is empty if the clipboard content is too big (limit should be removed)

* the "restartsearch $$c" command crashes FARR when the clipboard content is too big (above 1024  characters ?)

search box bug
since the 2.00.130 release and the new result display updating, there is no more flickering but the search box is not responsive as before...
it really really should be an option

in anycase the search box should feel completely free

for example when i use one of my (dosearch) alias which searches music on my network drive, it takes literally 10 seconds before i see the search terms i typed after the alias trigger... let's say my alias is triggered by music, if a type "music madonna"
i see music, then FARR stops for 10 seconds (i know it's working but it feels like it just crashed) then madonna comes up then the search ends (an other 10 seconds later)

i really (only?) notice it when using dosearch aliases

action trick bug
in my opinion this is the most important bug

the +action trick TOO clever
i think the +action trick is trying to be clever and detect that there is only one result, and so it should show you text about the action.  that's normally what you want, so that you can see what action will be applied to what file.
--- End quote ---
as i suggested the +action trick when used with dosearch command is way to clever it shoud just be fired when asked !

edit : an other problem with the action trick (when used in a dosearch)
is that if you want to use the shell contextual menu or simply the contextual menu on your single result (the action trick is triggered when only one result is found...) you CANNOT
it will open the contextual menu or shell menu of the action file

$$1, problem when passing "C:\" bug

keyword with capital bug
keywords with capital does not work at all

same name bug ?
when using the same name for a folder keyword and an alias
of a folder keyword and a action keyword
FARR does not work well
solution is to prefix keyword with : folder for folder keywords
action for action keywords

i surely forgot some, if you know of other outstanding bugs please report them in this thread

Cheers, Nitrix

Very helpful to have this summary, thank you.

@mouser or josh

i think the clipboard bugs are still outstanding
could you please add it to the official bug report thread

Thanks, Nitrix

considering the same name bug which status is : not issue?

i kind of agree this is not really an issue BUT it can/will cause problems to some

it should be said somewhere that using the same name for a folder keyword and an action keyword can confuse FARR
or even better, FARR should warn the user when he specify the same name (but i imagine it's not that easy to check since the "action trick modifier" is the actual name of an alias)


warning the user for duplicate alias names is not a bad idea, i'll put that on my todo list.

As you saw, Josh took this idea for a summary bug list and really ran with it in a nice way so that now all of my major programs has such a list which can be thought of as a kind of bugtracker (


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