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IDEA: Timer based on real time

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does the Set Loop mean that it will only (in this case) run 5 times 5mins & then stop ?

I cant make the number any higher than 5 ?!

Number of loops is the number of counts the wav file will be played. Span is the time duration (in minutes) when the application rings again.
For eg. If your loop is 5 and span is 30, then at the time of your start the application would play the wav file 5 number of times. It will replay the sound 5 number of times again after a span of 30 minutes.
The original requirement was to make it ring periodically.

If someone cant hear the wav file even if it rings 5 times then I dont think he will hear it if it rings 10 times too :P

I hope I answered all your queries

I will add the requested features in next release.

It's working fine here.

On App Restart I didnt allow to Activate Directly ( without apply changes) because the activation time still reflects the last configured time, which might not be applicable. So, I prefer to click on apply with a new start time or, incase if i like to use the same then apply the old setting and activate !


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