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Two mozilla thunderbird developers call it quits - leave Mozilla Corp

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Ralf Maximus:
Hmmmm.  Random thoughts:

1. Uh oh.  He's talking about "synergy".  My experience has been that people who throw that word around are trying to get oxen to mate with polar bears.

2. In the same message user feedback is requested to help improve the product.  Again, my experience has been that when Management says these kinds of things they're trying to buy time because they don't know what to do yet.  User feedback?  I bet they have megabytes of it sitting around in BugZilla feature requests.

3. I foresee two "versions" of Thunderbird in the middle future, forked from the current TB code.  One will be the officially sanctioned edition (bugs and all), the other will be radically improved, with even more high-power bugs.  Both will do essentially the same thing.

4. Eventually, one version will evolve into an all-seeing, all-knowing clone of GroupWise and become completely unusable.

5. Ralf's head will explode from cynicism-gland overload.


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