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DivX Author rebate coupon needed

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No, I do not have a coupon for DivX Author, but I need one!
~ $40 + VAT = $47.59 , which is way over the edge for me ~
do you have one to share? Please!?  :tellme:

I finally had it by email from DivX themselves:

- but maybe the link is connected to my email address? Please tell me if so!!  :tellme:

Offer expires: January 3, 2008

A couple posts down

Have you visited their site today ? I'm seeing author for 19 bucks.

Carol Haynes:
No the offers aren't linked to individula accounts. For DivX author just go to the main page:

As far as I can see this is the same a TMPGEnc DVD Author except it is restricted to DivX authoring.

TMPGenc is $90, though, and $55 to upgrade. Anyway, I only wanted DivX Author because of, well, because of the divx format, didn't I, but that is also the reason I wouldn't pay the normal full price. There are planty of authoring tools, some even for free, but without the latest divx format - they seem to always use some older divx version.


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