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IDEA: Large file generator

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:) And then there's the odd stroke of inspiration...
Check out BigByte v1.1!

With a little help from DOS it will fill your harddisk a lot quicker! So be careful! It creates a 1 byte file and doubles it until it's big enough, then copies the needed files together and deletes the rest.-skrommel (September 27, 2005, 09:39 PM)
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Just tried this on my old Windows 98SE system (there were no requirements listed, which is generally understood to mean that it works on all versions of Windows) and got the following error when I asked it to create a 20MB file;

IDEA: Large file generator

Rekrul: seems that the script is pretty NT focused - NT has cmd.exe as shell, whereas Win9x has . The script seems like a pretty damn bad way of generating big files anyway :)


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